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Quick Start ski and snowboard courses are organized by Barbara Gasienica-Jozkowy and her father Jerzy Woyna-Orlewicz - *experienced ski instructors, former members of the Polish national team in alpine skiing. We cooperate with another experienced skier Iwona Jankowska - the owner of the ski equipment rental and with the former Polish champion Kasia Strama who owns the best ski school for beginners in Zakopane.
Barbara is responsible for booking the courses. She is the one who is usually late answering your e-mails and requests :(
Jerzy (George) takes care of our clients in Zakopane. He will help you to rent the equipment, provide you with the ski pass and introduce to you your instructor.
All instructors who teach our clients skiing and snowboarding speak English and are licensed by the Polish Association of Ski Instructors.

*Jerzy Woyna-Orlewicz used to be a famous Polish skier, member of the National and Olympic (Innsbruck 1964) Ski Team and multi medalist of the Polish Ski Championships. He is an architect and a ski coach. He loves motorbikes and caravaning.
*Barbara graduated from the local ski sport school and was a member of the National Ski Team. After she retired from professional skiing she studied at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. In those days, she became an Instructor of the Ecole Nationale de Ski et d' Alpinisme in Chamonix France. For many years she was teaching skiing but in 2019 she decided to retire and now she spends more time at the computer, creating and updating her websites - www.discoverZakopane.com, www.ZakopaneDomki.com and others.

Jerzy Woyna Orlewicz
Jerzy Woyna-Orlewicz had a nickname Pirate from the aggressive skiing technique,
similar to the skiing technique of Bode Miller
The poster of Jerzy Woyna-Orlewicz is the main decoration of our Tatra View Apartment, recommended for couples visiting Zakopane:
Zakopane Tatra View Apartment

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